Meet Your Coaches at NBF!

Meet Becky

Hi - I'm Becky! I am Owner and Operator of NBF. I have been instructing fitness classes for over 10 years. I am licensed to teach over 20 varieties of fitness classes, and my strength is in strength and conditioning. I have my Canfitpro PTS, FIS, HWL, and PFS and also my CSCS designation. I am a POUND Master Trainer for Canada. My favourite class to teach is indoor cycling. I am excited to meet you and help you reach your goals and transform your fitness classes into life strength!  

Meet Courtney

Courtney is a local elementary school teacher. She has been teaching at NBF for 5 years now! Licensed in Indoor Cycling, SGT. Ken's Bootcamp and stability ball classes, Courtney brings her love for teaching to NBF and gives her classes and our members unique and challenges classes that are motivating and fun to attend. 

Meet Beth

"Death by Beth" is Beth's most recent nickname, and earned! Find Beth teaching a multitude of classes at NBF, her most popular being her Barre Intensity classes. Beth wears many hats including being a mom, a community worker at CLH, a volunteer at the YMCA and instructor at NBF. She cares about our members reaching their goals and proving to them that the only thing holding them back, is themselves. 

Meet Dani

Dani is our fabulous Yoga Instructor at NBF, bringing the balance, flexibility and mindfulness our members need in supplement to our high intensity classes. Dani brings her knowledge to the mat to provide yoga classes for all bodies. Her power yoga classes will have you busting a sweat and feeling ready to conquer your day! 

Meet Kim

Kim is our newest instructor addition to NBF. Her vocations include being a teacher and running her own photography business. Find Kim teaching TRX classes and also indoor cycling classes! Find her attending NBF Upper Body and Lower Body Strength classes too!