Hello and

Welcome to NBF Virtual

The world is changing. Quickly. 

NBF has responded - for now. 

Welcome to NBF Virtual. Our entire studio due to current circumstances of COVID- 19 has been forced to close the doors. In response to keeping our entire community healthy, NBF has launched an entire virtual platform so you can join us at home.


HERE are the steps to set up on your end to join our family.

1. Before you begin our classes, download the ZOOM app. This is the livestream network we are currently using for our classes in your home. Either download, use your lap top, whatever you choose! 

2. Log into MINDBODY. Make your profile if you are new to us. 

3. Purchase your virtual pass (Pass pricing under PRICING). If you are a current member, head to the schedule. 

4. You can register for your class 24 hours in advance to RSVP your spot. 

5. You will receive an email 15 minutes prior to class. Click on our link. This link is private to the member who has joined. Share it with your family in your household if they want to join you. 

6. Turn on audio/video to say HI! When class begins, we will mute you. 

7. You can pin the video to make sure the live class stays in the centre of the screen. 


9. When class ends, we will unmute you to say hello, and there is als a chat section available. 

See you in class, NBF Army! 


Workshops + Workout PDF's

Stay Healthy (pdf)


12 Days of Isolation Workout (pdf)


Worbook- Couch to 10Km Run (pdf)


Join our NBF Virtual Facebook Group!

Join this page where we post daily. 

Download Zoom!

This is the app we will live stream from, and the link we will send you to join 15 minutes prior to class via email.