Policies at the Studio

Class Card Policies


Our class packs have a 6 month expiry on them. They are non transferable and non refundable. When you register for a class, one class gets deducted from your profile. There is a late cancel policy of 12 hours for classes or your pass will be deducted.

Memberships Paid in Full Policies


Memberships paid in full are non transferable, non refundable and they cannot be placed on hold. Memberships are active on date of purchase. Memberships are an all included pass to play for regular classes on the schedule. 

Memberships are subject to late cancelation policies. 

Registering and Canceling Classes


Members on a membership or who have a class pack are able to register up to 5 days in advance for classes and up to 30 minutes prior to class beginning. 

Please RSVP via MINDBODY or through us directly. 

If you see a space and want to drop in, please do so :) 

All our classes have a 12 hour late cancelation policy. After this, your pass will be deducted or you will be charged a late fee of $10

Waitlist Policies


On some occasion, you may find yourself on a waitlist for a class. 

You will be automatically added to the class up to 3 hours prior and you can receive a text message if you opt in. 

If you CANNOT attend, please take yourself OFF the waitlist so the next woman in line can attend. 

Autopay Policies


If you are in a contract with us monthly, we require your credit card on file which will be charged at the end of the month. 

Credit card MUST be up to date. 

Full term contract must be completed. You will receive 30 days notice when your contract is expiring with the option to renew. 

If you need to opt out of your contract, you need to give NBF 90 days notice, plus the difference in amount owing of the shortest term contract per month. 

Any further questions please contact us directly. 



  • indoor shoes are required
  • no cell phones, please put them on silent and away 
  • all your belongings in a changeroom please 
  • PLEASE WAIT for us if there is a class in progress or if there is NO ONE AT THE DESK. 
  • doors open 15 minutes in advance of your class. 
  • we do NOT RSVP BIKES with your belongings ahead of time 
  • You are responsible for the energy you bring into this space. Protect our house so we can serve you to our highest capabilities.